We're really doing it. We're building a house! This will be a place to keep track of our progress and all the ups and downs that come with building a house.

Friday, November 30, 2012


They've been working on getting the forms up this week. Hoping they can pour the concrete soon before it gets too cold!  

This is the basement obviously.  Three bedrooms, a storage/furnace room, a bathroom, and a living space.  It doesn't look big enough for all that to me.
Over to the left is the 2 1/2 car garage.  You will enter the garage from the side.  Random fact: Kelly doesn't like houses that have the garage on the front.
This picture is taken from the back left corner looking toward the front of the house.  Those 2 windows are in the boys' bedrooms.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Progress

I am SO EXCITED that there is actual work being done on our property!!!  Our contractor moved his trailer to the land last week and the land is being cleared.

We even have the beginnings of a "hole"...which will eventually be our basement. :) Exciting stuff!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

House Plans

Our house plans have been in the process of being developed for a couple of months now and are EVER changing.  We've finally got them almost finalized.  If I can ever figure out how to upload them here I will.

For now, here's a rough drawing of what the outside will look like.  Except for a few things....
1. That middle roof part (over the front porch) will be extended an additional 4 feet over to the left so that it looks more proportional.  
2. The window under the porch will be bigger.
3. We are adding a false gable with a small window on that middle roof section too.  This will dramatically change the look.
4. The drawing doesn't account for what type(s) of material we will use on the exterior.  We will most likely go with vinyl siding on most of the house but we are toying with where to add some stonework.  I have a favorite house color, a very dark slate blue/iron gray color so I'm hoping that's what we'll end up with.