We're really doing it. We're building a house! This will be a place to keep track of our progress and all the ups and downs that come with building a house.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday meeting with the builder

Wow!  It's amazing what a difference a few days of good weather can do!  Kelly and I went over to the house this afternoon to meet with Seth, our builder, to check on progress and go over a few things.  I couldn't believe how fast they got it up.

It's pretty difficult to explain what you're looking at but I'll try my best.  This is standing in the front door.  It opens right into the family room.  The room immediately to the right is Kelly's office. That hole to the back is the stair downstairs.  You can't really see it but around the wall on the right into the back corner is our master bedroom.
This is standing opposite of the above picture....standing in the kitchen towards the back of the house looking at the front door and the 3 windows in the living room.
Back at the front door, aiming left.  Kelly's standing in the kitchen and past him over to the left will be the pantry and bathroom (not framed yet) leading out to the garage.
Standing at the front door....looking straight into the back.  That large opening will be a sliding door to go out back.  Again, Kelly and Seth are standing in the kitchen.  The kitchen table will go on the left side of the stairs (there will be a half wall there).
Seth and his guys won't be here next week but the subcontractors will (plumber, electrician, etc.) so we were discussing those types of things.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Despite the snow and wind the workers started framing the upstairs on Monday.  This is what it looked like by the end of the day!
Today the kids were out of school due to the enormous snowdrifts across the roads.  But the workers were back at work and got the garage framed (left side).
We are so excited to see progress!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

WooHoo! and Oh, No!

First the WooHoo!  We had 4 solid days of work going on over at the house this week!  It FINALLY warmed up enough to pour the basement floor which they did on Wednesday.  On Thursday they framed the load-bearing walls in the basement.
On Friday they laid down the sub flooring on the main floor.  I meant to go by and get a picture on Friday afternoon and then again on Saturday but didn't get a chance.  

And now for the Oh, No!...This morning (Sunday) we woke up to 6+ inches of snow!  It's kind of hard to see but here's a picture of the subfloor...with a whole lot of snow on top. :/ 
We climbed down the ladder in the window well to check out the basement.  

Here's Kyler standing in his room.
 And a few more pictures of the basement

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And this is where we stand...

Yesterday they came and cleared out the snow from the basement and put down heated blankets to prepare for pouring the basement floor.
And then it snowed again today.

The waiting game continues...