We're really doing it. We're building a house! This will be a place to keep track of our progress and all the ups and downs that come with building a house.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FINALLY!!!! We're all moved in!

I keep thinking about how I need to update our house blog with pictures of us all moved in.  I really wanted to wait until everything was "perfect" and in place and I'm realizing that that might just never happen.  So here it is.....our house as it is now.  There is so much we've done and so much that I still want to do.

We spent the first night in our house on May 9 (yes, I know this post is waaaaaaay overdue!) and we spent the next several days moving boxes and furniture over from the old house to the new house.  It was a bit of an exhausting time. Kelly and I left on May 16 for a 2-week trip to Italy(!) and I wanted to be in the new house before we left.

Last week we had sprinklers put in the yard and we will be seeding this week.  I'm very excited for grass....and hopefully a little less dust/dirt!

Living room (from every angle--haha!)

 the messy office

Master bathroom looking into closet
 Still no shower door :(

 Kelly built our awesome closet!!!
 Downstairs still needs some work but we're loving watching movies down there

 Trevin's room 

 Kierstyn's room


Getting organized! :)