We're really doing it. We're building a house! This will be a place to keep track of our progress and all the ups and downs that come with building a house.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Timeline of a "shed"

First of all, we all kind of laugh at the fact that we refer to this as a "shed" because it is oh so much more! It is also called "the shop" or "the gym" but for some reason "the shed" is the name that has stuck. This has been a loooooooong process and we are still not close to being done but looking back at these pictures has made me realize how far we have actually come--even if it has been almost a whole year since we started. I figured it was time to get some of these pictures up. 

Early November 2013
We dug most of the footing ourselves. 
 With the forms
Sometime in December 2013….
Footings are poured and lumber is delivered.
End of December 2013
Framing in progress
January 2014
Heated floor installed & concrete poured inside.
 More from January 2014
Framing windows & building/installing stairs
 Building porch overhang and column supports
 Install subfloor & framing out bathroom and office
 End of February 2014
More concrete…pouring cement for the porch & small shed
 Mid-March 2014
Windows & garage doors are delivered
 Early April 2014
Getting a roof!
 Windows and garage doors installed & prep for siding
 May 2014
Siding install begins

….and that's kind of where things stood all summer long as far as the outside goes.  Inside, Kelly finished off the downstairs and moved his gym equipment in.


September 2014
And just last week we added a new mirror and the glass for the window upstairs looking down into the gym.

The upstairs has been quite frustrating to say the least. We put up the sheet rock ourselves and then hired someone to tape and mud it. I started to paint but we quickly discovered several cracks. So….I halted the paint job and we hired someone else to come fix the cracks and then had to texture the ceiling and walls to hide all of that. And still there are cracks. :( Not sure if it's a settling issue or just a bad tape job by the first guy but it's as good as it's going to get for now.

Steps leading upstairs
Standing at top of steps
These plexiglass windows overlook the gym downstairs
Bathroom door to the right of the picture

The bathroom is tiny so it's hard to get a picture of it but this is the shower and the wall color.

Last week we put down the hardwood flooring in Kelly's office and the bathroom.
And also last week our columns fiiiiiiiinally got stone. (Excuse the messy porch, it's all a work in progress!)

So, that's where we are. The outside is finished.
The inside…..well, the bathroom and office trim is cut and painted, waiting to be installed. Office furniture is ordered so once it gets here we can officially move the office from the house to "the shed." The large room upstairs still needs to be painted and carpeted. And the bathroom will remained unfinished for now.

Hopefully I'll have a final update before another year has passed, ha!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I was supposed to get a piano for my birthday but I opted to begin landscaping instead. Decisions, decisions... We started with just one small tree and the bushes across the front of the porch but once we got going, I couldn't stop.  Of course there will be more but I think this is it for awhile. 

Left front

Front of porch 

 Right front

Back left